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Coventry theater forced to shut doors

Article originally sourced from The Journal Gazette

"Unsanitary conditions have closed down the Apollo Coventry Cinemas in Fort Wayne until further notice – after health and other inspectors last week found the second-run movie house posed “a risk to the community we cannot allow to continue.”

The inspectors' findings included several varieties of filth: mouse droppings in the concession area and elsewhere; a leaking roof; stained and missing ceiling tiles; the smell of mold and visible mold on seats in the so-called black light theater; insect remains; excess grease on the floor; human waste and odor in restrooms and “food debris, dust, garbage and unnecessary items in the majority of the theaters.”

All but three theaters had no heat.

The findings are contained in a report filed Thursday by inspectors from the Fort Wayne-Allen County Department of Health. They were joined by inspectors from the Building Department, the Fort Wayne Fire Department and Fort Wayne Neighborhood Code Enforcement in evaluating conditions at the multiplex.

A call to the Apollo's box office telephone numbers Saturday only yielded a recorded message that did not indicate that the theater was closed.

In their report, health inspectors said they have been to the theater eight times recently. They closed the establishment without a hearing “to protect the public,” the report says, based on “no progress or efforts to comply with orders given.”

The theater will remain closed until all substandard conditions are rectified, including those that may have been noted by fire department and building department inspectors, the report states.

Reports from those two entities were not available for review Saturday.

The facility may not accept deliveries while it is closed and must post a red sign on the front entrance doors that may not be tampered with, according to the report, and exterior doors must be sealed.

The health department inspection noted 14 things that must be remedied before a reinspection can be scheduled. The department can assess fines, the report says, if the Apollo still has violations requiring yet another inspection.

The Apollo was to have been showing “All the Money in the World,” Daddy's Home 2,” “Father Figures,” “Justice League,” “Murder on the Orient Express,” “The Star,” “Thor: Ragnarok,” and “Wonder” this weekend."

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