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24/7 Emergency Services

• Mold Remediation
• Water Damage Restoration
• Odor Removal
• Cleaning & Disinfecting

Mold Inspection and Testing in NYC


Our professional mold inspection and testing team can save you a lot of anxiety if you suspect you might have mold growing on your property. We will perform a highly detailed check for mold colonies and hidden water sources that might be feeding it, and assess any damage that might have been caused. During mold testing, our team will take a swab and send it back to our laboratory to get analyzed, and notify you of the findings. We offer mold inspection and testing in NYC tristate area, including Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, and Manhattan.

Mold Inspection & Testing: Our experts will do inspection. We take a swab and test it at our lab.
Mold Remediation & Construction: We disinfest and dry mold contamination & do construction.
Water Damage: Rapid response to flood; we dry the home, and clean and restore water damage.


1-718- 517- 2227


Mold Remediation Specialists in NYC


The Mold911 Mold Remediation Experts:

  • Mold inspection

  • Mold Testing

  • Mold Remediation

  • Construction & Restoration

  • Water Extraction & Drying 

  • Water Damage Restoration 

  • Odor Removal & Sanitization 

  • Provide 24/7 Emergency Service

  • Can Handle to Any Size Disaster

  • A Trusted Leader in the Restoration Industry 

Mold Inspection & Testing

We take a swab and test mold in our lab. In mold testing, we identify the type and  produce detailed reports .

Mold Remidiation

We remediate, disinfect, and dry mold. We remove carpets, floors, and do construction. 

Flood Damage

Water extraction & restoration. We clean, disinfect, remove odor, and restore the home.

What We Do:

Our mold inspection begins with a visual check for signs of mold such as water damage, moisture accumulating behind the walls, or spores that may have begun to grow into colonies in dark or damp areas. Mold also tends to produce strong odors that can lead our experts right to it. Next, we’ll keep our eyes open for water spots, leaks, and condensation to detect a potential water source for the mold.


Our team will also perform a mold inspection on the property’s ventilation systems to ensure no mold is being circulated via central air during the remediation process. If more information is needed, we can take swabs and air samples to be analyzed in a laboratory to determine the specifics. During mold testing, we test the swabs to determine if you have mold, and if so, what type.


Our highly detailed mold inspection services are just one of the things that make Mold911 the best at what we do. From the walls, to the plumbing, cabinets, and ventilation systems, our team will inspect the entire property from top to bottom. Once the mold damage has been assessed, and the water source located, our team of specialized mold specialists can begin restoring the property to its original condition. We offer mold inspection and mold testing throughout NYC, including Brooklyn and Nassau County.


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