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• Mold Remediation
• Water Damage Restoration
• Odor Removal
• Cleaning & Disinfecting

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Mold Remediation Process

The mold remediation process should always be handled by professionals who will treat the situation with the utmost care and attention to detail. At Mold911, we have designed a mold remediation process that is flexible enough to develop a unique solution for everyone. Our mold remediation process covers everything from beginning to end, so once the last bit of mold has been taken care of your property will look brand new.

Mold Remediation & Construction


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Our Mold Remediation Process:

First, we will inspect the property for mold damage and execute a variety of strategies to keep the mold from releasing more spores into the air once we begin treatment. We will also make use of our specialized air filtration system and HEPA industrial vacuums to trap any spores that are already circulating.

Next, our trained team of mold remediation experts will begin treating and removing the bulk of the mold from surfaces and hidden, infested areas on the property. Any unsalvageable drywall or carpeting will have to be discarded for health and safety reasons. Furniture, knick-knacks, and clothing will be washed and treated for mold damage, and we will remove any unpleasant odors left behind.

Lastly, to conclude our mold remediation process, we will perform any minor repairs that need to be done to give the property a clean and finished look. This includes replacing drywall, repainting, and even re-installing shelving units. We will do our best to fully restore the property after our mold remediation process is completed, so that it will be as if there was never any mold damage in the first place!


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Mold Inspection & Testing

We take a swab and test mold in our lab. Once we identify the type,  we produce detailed reports .

Mold Remidiation

We remediate, disinfect, and dry mold. We remove carpets, floors, and do construction. 

Flood Damage

Water extraction & restoration. We clean, disinfect, remove odor, and restore the home.

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