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Black mold appearing in some homes in Montecito disaster zones

Article originally sourced from KEYT

"MONTECITO, Calif. - Some of the homeowners inside the Montecito disaster zone have seen black mold appearing on the walls this week.

That's a sign of stagnant water and poor air circulation.

One home near Olive Mill and the Montecito creek had a section about two feet wide that was growing on a wall right above some soggy carpet.

Nearby a bathroom had about two feet of mud, around the toilet, shower, and vanity. The mudflow extended across the property, through the kitchen and into the garage.

A portion of the home was broken open when it was hit by a neighbors house that cracked apart and was "launched" into a bedroom according to owner Hank Mitchel.

It was an opening for the mudflow but at the same time, the house was being surrounded by water and debris.

The work here is being done by several people.

"We have relatives here. We have had countless neighbors coming by to help," said Mitchel.

The Hazelwood Allied moving company has been on site this week, wrapping up possessions and getting them set for storage.

Casey McCann says every item has to be dry or cleaned if they have been impacted by the disastrous mudflow.

Crews had stacks of wrapping paper for plates, glassware, and fragile items. Boxes were being filled, right next to a truck that was being loaded up.

"You have to tiptoe," said McCann. "What is salvageable? What isn't? What can be stored? If there is any moisture it has to be cleaned up first, it can't go into storage."

All this was on a timeline with the help of friends and relatives in case there were health issues on the property.

Many of those involved in this type of cleanup are wearing protective gloves, masks and full body suits.

The spores from the black mold can cause a range of respiratory issues, along with headaches, coughs and chronic fatigue.


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