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Tenant living with black mold given a 72 hour eviction notice

Article originally sourced from KTVL News 10

"JACKSONVILLE, Ore. — An Applegate tenant and a property management company are going head to head about an eviction.

Sterling West Property Management has given a family a 72-hour notice to move out after the family refused to pay rent.

The Grangnelli's say they've called the property management company 25-30 times about several uninhabitable living conditions but have not seen any action taken.

Now they don’t want to pay any more until they're given the home they were promised.

Jamie Grangnelli signed a lease on November 3rd in a rush so she based her decision on her excitement with the outdoor appearance of the home.

"We looked at it through the window and I was saying to [my son] through the window of the kitchen, 'son I can see I'm never going to have to tell anyone to get out of the kitchen,' because it was so big," said Grangnelli.

But inside the home, it was a different story, now the words 'do not enter' are plastered right beside her kitchen because her master bathroom and dining room are covered in black mold.

Grangnelli says that’s just one problem in a list of many.

"When I tried to test just a lightbulb on a lamp, it went boom, blew up and my hair caught on fire and I went flying out of here," said Grangnelli.

Electrical problems, plumbing problems that leave her without a washer and drier, unsealed windows that result in $750 power bills, and black mold.

"I thought I could fix anything and I can't I guess fix everything or anything...there was no YouTube video on how to clean that," said Grangnelli.

Grangnelli says she tries to be light hearted about her living situation but the reality is she's at her breaking point.

"We work very hard and we don't take from anyone. I didn't want to take them to court. I don't want anything that comes off the back of someone else," said Grangnelli.

Grangnelli and Sterling West Property Management met at Jackson County Circuit Court for an initial appearance Wednesday afternoon.

Grangnelli wants part of the $8,000 she's spent on rent and utility bills back to find a new place or have the company give her a functional home to live in.

Neighbors who have lived by that property for 25 years told News 10 tenants have always had plumbing and electrical issues and have gone to trial as Grangnelli plans to do as well.

News 10 did reach out to the property management company four times, and left several voicemails, but did not head back.

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