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Texas girl asks Santa to help fix Harvey damaged home

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ALDINE, Texas (CNN) – An 8-year-old girl wrote a letter to Santa, but did not ask for any gifts. Instead, she only wants her dad to get better and their home, hit by Hurricane Harvey, to be fixed.

Betzabe Gomez wrote her Christmas wish list at a friend’s house, and it’s gone viral.

“I don’t know what she did but it got all over the internet and I got really surprised,” said Gomez.

There are no toys on the list, just requests from Betzabe, the youngest of five children.

“I don’t really want anything just for my house to get better and my dad too,” said Gomez.

A gaping hole in their roof since Harvey they haven’t been able to afford to fix. Dripping water has caused more mold and her sick father on dialysis is breathing it in.

“Sometimes when he gets home from dialysis he feels really tired,” explained Gomez.

The Gomez’s story captured the attention of their state Representative Armando Walle. Rep. Walle has gotten to know the family this week. The family was recently denied by FEMA and SBA for post Harvey help.

“I think it’s a travesty they were denied, we’re helping them appeal with Congressman Green’s office,” said Rep. Walle. “I read the letter it indicated there weren’t enough damages and threat to the health and safety of these folks. Mold to me is a threat to health and safety of a family.”

An anonymous donor has helped pay for back taxes the family incurred while the father has been sick. That’s one of the first steps in moving forward with repairs or a new house. It’s just one example of the many families still hurting from Harvey and the kids like Betzabe whose wish list reminds us all what the holidays are all about. “We’ve been going through a lot and I don’t want any more children to go through this,” said Gomez."

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